1. Lisa M says:

    I love this idea, and Im very interested in doing this for myself, your article really spoke to me, and I would love to book a women over 40 for myself as I could really use a boost.

    • Hi Lisa , I have responded back to your email, thank you again for your interest and I truly promise these will be truly incredible sessions that you will cherish the results for generations to come.

  2. Chantal Bellevieu says:

    Are dresses included like the one above for teens? I have a 15 year old who this would be perfect for this , Can you please send me more details per the email I sent this morning.

    • Good morning Chantal, Yes dresses like this and many others are available for the formal section on the teen session, during the planning portion together we will pick the dresses selected for the session. I have sent you an email with all the details, I look forward to hearing more from you .

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