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Welcome to Pretty Dreams Photography and My name is 

I am the professional photographer here at Pretty Dreams Photography. I specialize Child and Family oriented photography, including newborns, babies, children, pregnant moms, and families. I am located in North Gower Ottawa Ontario. I love meeting and working with families within the area, as well as from the surrounding areas like Kingston and, Gatineau, etc.

I, like you, I am a parent. I am a proud mom to four beautiful children. And because I am a mother, I know all too well how both accurate and underestimated the phrase "time flies" really is.



I'm a very sentimental type of person. I love the idea of plucking a moment right before your eyes and turning it into a truly beautiful piece of artwork. To me, photographs are the most precious thing a person can possess. There is nothing else on this earth that increases in its precious nature as time goes on. These are not short-term investments, but heirlooms to be carried on long after we've passed. There is no other way to preserve a moment in time as perfectly as a printed photograph can. I love creating images that get you right in the feels. 

I am dedicated and committed to my clients, their experience and their keepsakes. I am fully invested in what I produce and deliver, and I would be so delighted to have the opportunity to show you how we can capture your life's best moments perfectly. 

I can't wait to get started in creating YOUR perfect keepsakes. 

Warmest Greetings, 

Making Heirloom Memories 

+ I invest in high-quality gear, props and software in order to produce beautiful, professional imagery.

+ My studio is fully licensed & insured; I am a fully legal operation running out of my home studio in Brockville Ontario. This is my full-time profession, not a side-gig or hobby. I am truly a professional and have worked hard at perfecting my craft.

+ I am qualified and trained as a Child and  newborn photographer, i am have taken many courses and training in safe newborn posing and handling. I have an assistant during newborn sessions, to increase the efficiency and level of safety during those precious moments with a fragile newborn baby.

+ I take great care in ensuring my clients are truly comfortable during their sessions; outdoors or IN STUDIO,  there is a play area for siblings to stay entertained to providing snacks and beverages, I take great joy in making sure that everyone has everything they need throughout their experience.

+ I make sure that you there is great COMMUNICATION and that you are heard and that your vision comes to life and in turn, are delivered a service that puts your best interest first. There is value in finding a photographer who takes your memories and portraits as seriously as you do. I am very passionate and dedicated to my clients, their memories and the photographs that depict them.

Experienced, Focused and Qualified 

I'm excited to share this journey with you; choosing a photographer can be an overwhelming and daunting task, and I am here to make the entire process easy to understand and a fully enjoyable and wonderful experience. You are in good hands and I truly cant wait to work with you .




And now that she’s found her happily ever after as a professional photographer,

she creates magical memories for parents like you that let you relive their childhood dreams, celebrate their passions and keep their imagination alive.