Special Winner in AFNS award Pretty Dreams Photography Brockville ontario

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Pretty Dreams Photography Brockville Ontario

AFNS Award

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As a professional photographer its always great to push yourself, educate yourself and continue to grow in every aspect photography .  One way of growing was to enter a very large well known photography contest. This was a huge step for me as It’s always hard to put yourself out their with other photographers who […]

Shoot and Share First Photography Contest Entered.

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One of the best parts of being a professional child photographer is that I get to have an amazing time releasing all my creativity and having fun with children’s imaginations and capturing what I like to call their “inner magic”. Today I am going to walk you through the process from start to finish and […]

Harry Potter Inspired Sessions

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  Good afternoon everyone, today I’m going to write about what a fine art painterly portrait is and how we build this type of session I have added to my sessions if the client requests them. During our initial consultation we will discuss our choices of sessions the client would like for their child. I […]

What is a Painterly Session.

Pretty dreams Photography

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To believe is to have trust and faith. When creating this Fine Art Portrait of little Eva, I wanted the train to represent the choices we make in life. When the child  looks and waits for the train she sees, we wonder if she will board the train. The child has to make a choice […]


Harry Potter Whimsical Photography

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My Favourite Book Series of all time is still Harry Potter, these books and movies have brought hours of joy and imagination to myself and to my family. My main idea during this photo session was to create not copy scenes from the movies but to create unique and individual photos that brought this little boys […]

Books and Magical Adventures